Are you driven to launch your career in a very high-energy, cooperative development program at a cloud company? Do you see yourself as a great data scientist or having a reputed job at a great tech firm? Are you the one looking for upskilling with Cloud technology and preparing for NetSuite interview? Then we have the right ride for you with the series of interview questions right from the frequently asked to specialize for freshers or experience. We ensure your selection with the best possible question along with the answers for your NetSuite interview. These questions and answers will help you successfully crack the interview.

NetSuite, an ERP cloud solution, includes Financials, CRM, Inventory, Warehouse Management, and E-commerce. This flexible platform allows you to work on many business applications.

NetSuite’s real-time dashboards provide interactive graphical reports, forecasting insight, and other customizable functions. If you’re thinking of beginning or advancing your career in info Technology, Information Science, and IT support but lack the required skills and information, then these NetSuite Interview questions are for you. The answers to those queries can have a good impact on the inquirer of courses.

Some basic facts about NetSuite-

  • One unified business management suite, trusted by more than 40,000 organizations, Suits every business size, Suits every industry, Suits every role, Can replace all your current software.
  • NetSuite has a donation program ( that supports charities and social enterprises across the globe; some of the renowned ones are Kiva and SPCA. In the last three years, Coefficient has applied for (and won) charity software for 4, not four profit organizations:  Simon Community (Scotland), Legion Scotland, TSA, and Griffons Soccer Centre. 
  • Average annual salary in NetSuite is INR 18.3 lakhs. Considering some research, NetSuite holds a market share of about 8.2%.

Now let’s start exploring the recently designed NetSuite Interview questions and answer for

  1. Fresher’s
  2. Experienced

Most Frequently Asked NetSuite Interview Questions

1) Explain how a client script can be deployed in NetSuite?

Ans: There are mainly two types of Client scripts used to deploy the NetSuite such as;

• Record level

• Form level.

2) How to run the Suite Script in NetSuite?

Ans: The important steps involved in running the Suite script in NetSuite;

Step 1 – You need to create the JavaScript file to run the Suite script.

Step 2 – Upload the suite script file into NetSuite.

Step 3 – Now, build the NetSuite script.

Step 4 – Define the scripts at the run time process for the script pages.

3) What is a NetSuite module?

NetSuite modules are software that helps businesses perform functions beyond what their software offers. It allows your company to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity. It allows clients to connect and automate different departments in one intuitive system.

The benefits of NetSuite modules are:

•Reduces errors

•Improves productivity

•Centralized information.

4) How do I create a custom record in NetSuite?


>> To create a custom record in NetSuite.

      Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types

>> To create a new custom record.

      Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types > New.

You will be able to define all settings for your custom record type, including the record name, fields and access.

5) What is NetSuite ERP?

Ans: NetSuite ERP makes it possible to access real data from any location. NetSuite ERP is a complete-package solution that is known for its robust capabilities and business intelligence. It also has scalability and a user-friendly interface.

NetSuite ERP software provides core accounting and financial functionality.

Cloud ERP modules can be used for financials, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), inventory management, supply chain management, order management, procurement management, and project management.

6) What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

Ans: The Difference between CRM and ERP is listed below in the picture.

7) Explain what is a Lead and how Leads are captured in NetSuite?

Ans: A lead is an individual who is interested or ready to buy the product or services being offered. NetSuite considers the term “Lead” a standard object, where many other informational fields can be captured when taking up Lead information.

8) Explain what the Lead Generation Process is?

Ans: The lead generation process begins when a product or service is ready for consumers. The lead generation process is nothing more than a marketing strategy in which the products and services are presented to consumers for them to try. This encourages them to sign up to receive regular use of the products or services.

The sales department is usually responsible for lead generation. It is important that the sales team has a solid knowledge of the product or service they will be promoting.

9) Within NetSuite, what does the nonintegrated shipping feature mean?

Ans: In the nonintegrated shipping feature within NetSuite, The user is able to accomplish the following tasks:

•Users will be able to generate their shipping labels

•Users are going to be ready to work directly with the carrier

•Shipping weights and tracking numbers are done manually

• For sales orders, users are going to be ready to print the labels

10) Out of all the scripts that are available, which script has maximum governor limits allocated?

Ans: The maximum governor limit that is allocated is “Scheduled Script”.The governor limit for schedule scripts is > 10,000.

11) Name some of the event types in a client script?

Ans: The types of events that can be found included in client scripts are the following:





•post sourcing




12) will the NetSuite software package provide role-based views for dashboards?

Ans: Yes, the NetSuite software package offers role-based views for the dashboard once they are logged into the system.

13) Explain what the purchase order cycle in NetSuite is?

Ans: NetSuite has the following order cycle:


•Update Inventory

•Enter Bills

•Bill Payment

•Accounting posting.

14) Define what Portlet Script is?

Ans: A portlet script is nothing but a script that is used to create customized dashboard portlets. For example:

One can utilize Suitescript to build an application that allows messages can be updated automatically within enterprise systems.

15) Mention the advantages of NetSuite Sandbox?

Ans: Major advantages of NetSuite Sandbox are as follows:

•Helps to control any type of risk

•Helps to deliver innovative products

• NetSuite Sandbox NetSuite Sandbox helps to offer an enhanced solution

•Within the NetSuite sandbox, users can deliver options for business exit.

Here are some of the NetSuite Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers:

1) What are the critical features of NetSuite?

Ans: Some of the critical features of NetSuite are:

  • Customer management: It lets you keep each customer’s information in a separate way so that your company can serve customers better.
  • Time Tracking: You can track your employees’ time.
  • Lead management: It involves keeping track of customers and then contacting them in any way possible, including emails, chats engaging, and qualifying them until they buy our product.

2) Explain what Lead is and the process of how leads are captured in NetSuite?

Ans: For businesses, a lead is an individual interested in buying the product or service provided by an organization. The NetSuite Lead is regarded as an object of standard type and is it is recorded by various fields of information in addition to a host of other data.

3) On What technology is NetSuite on?

Ans: NetSuite runs on the Oracle platform.

4) What are the different types of NetSuite Authentications?

Ans: The different types of NetSuite Authentications are as follows :

User Credentials

Token-Based Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)

SAML 2.0

Inbound Single Sign-on

Google Open ID Connect.

5) Which Of The Suite script Api Has Maximum Governor Limits?

Ans: The following are the Suite script API which has maximum governor limits:




6) How to set up a user event script for debugging?

Ans: Running User Event Script in NetSuite

To make use of this NetSuite Record Listener feature, you will need to execute the script for user events within the NetSuite software to specify the event for the user to listen to

For more details about how to run scripts in the NetSuite system, visit the Suite Script Developer:


>Log on to the NetSuite website as an administrator.

>Upload the TibcoUserEvent.js file, which is located in the

TIBCO_HOME/bw/palettes/netsuite/version_number/suitescript directory, to the TibcoNetSuiteEventSource folder in the NetSuite website.

>Click Documents > Files > Suitescripts from the menu bar.

>Upload the TibcoUserEvent.js file to the TibcoNetSuiteEventSource folder.

>Click Customization > Scripting > Scripts > New from the NetSuite website menu.

>Select TibcoUserEvent.js from SCRIPT FILE, and Click Create Script Record.

>Click User Event.

Specify the following information:

Input an event name in NAME field.

Select TibcoUserEvent.js from SCRIPT FILE.

Input a value in AFTER SUBMIT FUNCTION field.

•Click Save and Deploy.

•Select Account from APPLIES TO.

•Select Testing or Released from STATUS.

•Select Create, Edit, or Delete from EVENT TYPE.

•Click Save.

7) What products and services does NetSuite offer?

Ans: NetSuite offers a suite of cloud applications, including core financials/ERP, financial management, eCommerce and retail management, commerce marketing automation and professional services automation (PSA), that enables companies to manage many of their core business operations.

8) What action can be taken to optimize NetSuite’s performance in a browser?

Ans: Use the smallest portlet level refresh to optimize NetSuite performance in the browser.

9) What is Purchase Order Cycle in NetSuite?

Ans: PR/PO => Receiving => Update Inventory => Enter Bills => Bills Payment => Accounting Posting.

10) How much will you rate yourself in NetSuite ERP?

Ans: When you attend an interview, the Interviewer may ask you to rate yourself in a specific Technology like NetSuite ERP; so It depends on your knowledge and work experience in NetSuite ERP.

11) What is Suitescript? Explain briefly.

Ans:  Suitescript is nothing but an API that is Java-based, which gives developers to have a greater ability to utilize an enhanced version of NetSuite.

12) Explain what a Client script is?

Ans: Client scripts are executed on the client level. These scripts are joined and run to be run on a single form. However, its management is applied to the whole record.

13) Can job on a larger set of data?

Ans: By using this command, you will be able to solve issues with governance in the case of long-running processes or scheduled jobs with a greater number of data


14) What are Mass update scripts?

Ans: A mass update script generally permits the user to run custom mass updates using a programming language, and update fields are not typically accessible for mass updates in general. We can make use of action scripts to run complicated calculations.

15) Define what a Suite islet is?

Ans: With the aid of the Suite, users can create dynamic web-based content.

It is a tool to create a custom front-end and backend.

Utilizing the APIs they provide, you are able to also create websites that look like NetSuite.

Here are some of the NetSuite Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

1) How many years of NetSuite-specific development experience do you have?

Ans: Three years minimum.

2) Do you have any experience with NetSuite as a user? If so, how much?

Ans: Yes, at least one year. A professional experience is often overlooked but is crucially important. It’s extremely useful to have a NetSuite Developer who can think as an actual user. If you’re developing an app or modifying the workflow, ignoring user input at the beginning of the process could set you up for an entire disaster when it’s time to launch.

3) Could you explain how the NetSuite Governance system works? How could I keep a long-running script from timing out?

Ans: There are two common methods to solve this issue; if you are developing in Suite Script 1.0, the candidate should talk about using the API call for “nlapiYieldScript.” When used in conjunction with other commands, it can instruct the script to save its current location and begin from where it left off, conserving digital resources. If you’re developing with 2.0, you can take advantage of using the Map/Reduce Script type. This is a system or method of organizing data in order to allow systems to manage more information within a shorter period of time.

4) How are you familiar with how to use the NetSuite API? Can you provide me with the code you’d like to employ to make NetSuite API NetSuite API generate a brand new customer within NetSuite using the following details Name, Bob; company, Tesla?

Ans: something similar to…


Type: record.Type.CUSTOMER,

is dynamic: true




An evaluation like this one can help in providing the evidence that you require.

5) What are the prerequisites to becoming a NetSuite Consultant?

Ans: The prerequisite to becoming a NetSuite Consultant are:

  • Degree in Accounting, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field
  • NetSuite Basic and Advanced level certifications (here’s an informative guide to certifications for reference).
  • 3 to 5 Years of pertinent NetSuite experience in implementation.
  • Excellent understanding of how to bridge both the technical and business sides of the company, perhaps with examples of times when you’ve already done this.
  • Strong experience in accounting, financial software, Professional services, SaaS, and manufacturing business processes.
  • An MBA with a focus on Business Design or Consulting is an asset to be able to.

6) Could you explain in a nutshell why companies should buy NetSuite?

Ans: It depends on the business needs; however, the main advantages are the fact that it’s a cloud-based service, which allows access to data from anywhere throughout the day. It’s user-friendly, and the program can be modified to suit your preferences and needs. You can also switch on or off and the program can be modified to suit your preferences and needs. You can also switch on or off modules as you need making it a flexible solution.

7) What are some potential challenges with NetSuite?

Ans: As a Consultant, you must be transparent about your product without compromising its image or its functionality. A consultant’s job isn’t to sell products, but you need to convince customers that they have the most effective solution available when you meet with them. The software is more expensive than other ERPs and must be paid for each year, but in the end, you will get the value you pay for, which includes an extensive amount of customization.

8) What is the main difference between xedit and edit user Event types?

Ans: When the user is actually using an event type argument as xedit then it means that the user is trying to execute the content within Inline edit, or it is going to be a mass update.

In case the professional is using an event-type argument in place of an edit, then the person has completed editing the field in all other contexts.

9) What is an illustration of how you implemented an innovative process to solve an existing business issue in NetSuite?

Ans: In this question, the Interviewer will look at you and try to figure out reasons why your current practice wasn’t working, how you came up with the solution you propose, and then what strategy you will use to implement it. You decided to put it into practice. Details about the reasons you made your decision, as well as the project management abilities that you showed, are also sought-after. It is important to discuss how you implemented your solution and the steps you have taken to increase the adoption. Successes, results, impact and lessons learned must also be reflected in the form of outcomes, successes, and impact.

10) How do you see NetSuite evolving in the future?

Ans: Long-term, NetSuite will continue to grow and will further embed itself in the mid-sized business market firmly.

Oracle is certainly keen on keeping NetSuite’s market share and growing it, which is why they plan to continue to put substantial development resources into NetSuite.

Managed Service Partners will grow in the NS market space because many smaller customers cannot afford a full-time NS resource, and MSPs will provide that for those firms. Oracle is looking to expand the part they use for the NS business; however, the onshore partners are the most appealing option.

11) Is NetSuite the predominant ERP?

Ans: NetSuite was built to be cloud-based and is a multi-tenant solution – meaning the system is already up and running; it simply needs configuration for a new client. This is an enormous cost and time to gain market advantage. At present, each ERP includes a cloud version; however, it’s the old technology that is hosted on the cloud server.

In any case, NetSuite is certainly equal as ERP products go – and much copied – but they don’t fit everywhere, so it’s really hard to say ‘predominant’.

12) Now that oracle is buying NetSuite, will they kill even this company’s products?


•NetSuite is the top choice for cloud-based ERP. And for a good reason. They found a way to provide consistent, high-quality results.

•Oracle, SAP and others have tried multiple times to make a Cloud-based ERP and have repeatedly not succeeded in relative terms. So What is the reason Oracle cause harm to its leadership position by using NetSuite?
* Oracle will continue pushing NetSuite ahead to expand features for enterprises. I know my firm solves many of the more challenging business processes by leveraging the customization capacities of the platform. Hence, there is plenty of room to increase the feature set to appeal to larger clients.

•The application requires work to increase the size of clients due to the interconnected nature of the data warehouse/ reporting and the challenges that naturally arise from an increase in transaction volume

• Since NetSuite runs all Oracle products under the covers anyways (Java and Oracle DB), they need to show they have the substance eating their own food.

•It has been speculated that the innovation rate will continue at the same or increase rate.

13) What is NetSuite Suite Commerce Advanced SCA?

Ans: Suite Commerce Advanced is NetSuite’s next-generation e-commerce platform ahead of its long-standing Site Builder Platform. The two platforms differ in many ways; however, they do have an identical database engine: the NetSuite backend. That is, all data elements are stored in the central ERP system, thereby not requiring integration.

Suite Commerce Advanced is to staff up and take advantage of the architecture of the organization. Being part of the platform means that you control almost completely the user experience. This flexibility is accompanied by obligations. However, you also get a robust search engine, server-side scripting, flexible template Kickstarter, as well as an online distribution network for content.

In contrast, it has limited flexibility but runs well. The templates that are available natively from NetSuite employ the older HTML standards. Site Builder is an excellent choice when you have the basic requirements for e-commerce on the web. In both instances, the platforms can be used to deliver excellent results with qualified experts.


The future aspect of NetSuite is that it has launched Suite Life, a new partner-engagement initiative that represents the company’s largest-ever investment in its partner ecosystem and encompasses a number of its partner programs. Additionally, NetSuite has introduced new technology for automation and analytics. These are intended to enhance inventory management, financial manufacturing, and project management functions within NetSuite. Follow these NetSuite Interview Questions 2022 that will help you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as NetSuite Developer. All these Essential NetSuite Interview Questions are targeted at mid-level experienced Professionals and freshers.


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